Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient with Family Health Source. Please read this section and follow the directions below. Trying to bypass the New Patient Pre-Registration and claiming to be an existing patient may result in your appointment being cancelled. Once the pre-registration is filled out properly, one of our team members will call you back. We will verify the information and schedule an appointment within 24 hours (does not include weekends). Thank you for your patience and understanding.


New Patients

  • New patients, please Pre-Register below on our patient portal. Once we have your information, we will reach out to you with the contact information you provided to schedule an appointment.

How to Schedule Appointments for Established Patients


  • Please be advised: You will need to use the same identifying information found within your patient portal: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Contact Phone.

Below are the steps to schedule your appointment through Healow Open Access.

  • Choose the location or provider you want to schedule your appointment with. You will see a list of providers for the location you chose. Click on Show Availabilities for the Provider.
  • There will be two mandatory fields:
    1. Select whether you’ve seen this provider before
    2. Select Established Patient as the Appointment reason
  • The Schedule window will now be displayed:
    1. Select a Date from the Calendar, Click Go
    2. Available time slots will be presented, please choose a time slot to proceed
  • After Choosing a specific time slot from the Calendar:
    1. Enter Patient details: *You must use the same exact information found within your Patient portal* First Name, Last name, Date of Birth, and Contact Phone. Press 'next'.
    2. Enter Visit details: Reason for the Visit and Info for the Provide, then press 'next'.
    3. Complete Phone verification: We need to verify your phone number for this appointment so select 'call' or 'text'. Within 15 minutes, enter the 4-digit code you receive by phone or text.
    4. Click the Book Now button to immediately schedule yourself. You will receive a confirmation email about your appointment.
      • Please log into your patient portal to verify that your appointment is booked. If you don’t get an email or notification, and don’t see any appointments in your patient portal, then the appointment wasn’t booked. Refresh your browser and please try booking your appointment again.
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