As a patient, you have the right to:
  • Take part in your health care and treatment
  • Know the names of the people caring for you
  • Be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and private setting
  • Be informed about your illness and treatment, including options for your care
  • Change medical providers at Family Health Source
  • Get another opinion about your illness or treatment
  • Privacy of your health records
  • Talk with the clinic about any questions or problems with your care
  • Know about services available through Family Health Source
  • Respect for your cultural, social, spiritual, and personal values and beliefs
  • Know about legal reporting requirements
  • Ask for special arrangements if you have a disability
  •  Ask for help with a living will or durable power of attorney for health care
  • Refuse treatment, care, and services as allowed by law
  •  Know the cost of your care and ways you may pay for your care
  •  Refuse to be included in any research program without limiting medical care or treatment
As a patient, you have the responsibility to:
  • Tell your medical provider about your illness or problems
  • Ask questions about your illness or care
  • Show respect to both caregivers and other patients
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments so that another person may have that time slot
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Use medications or medical devices for yourself only
  • Inform the medical provider if you become worse or you have an unexpected reaction to a medication
  • Give written permission to release your other health records to Family Health Source when necessary
  • Provide Family Health Source a copy of your living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare matters If you have any questions, please tell your medical provider

Please be advised all Family Health Source clinics and pharmacies will be closed Monday 07/04/2022 for the Fourth of July.

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