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Financial Help Services
A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization 

Debt Relief You are not alone!

  • * Consolidate bills into one easy low monthly payment
  • * Pay off your debts faster
  • * Reduce your interest rates regardless of credit score
  • * Stop all collection calls
  • * Eliminate late fees and over-limit charges
  • * Re-Age your accounts to a current status
  • * Build a realistic budget & financial plan you can follow
  • * See how much you really owe, try our debt calculator!

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Welcome to your financial freedom...

Nearly everyone is faced with financial challenges at some point in their life

Financial Help Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized 501 C 3 Non-Profit organization that provides a variety of services to assist consumers and employers. Our services are completely confidential. Financial Help Services, Inc. is the industry leader that is committed to offering the best debt management programs available. For more than 23 years we have met the highest quality standards and are committed to helping you get your finances back on track through counseling and education. We are different due to the fact that we are a Non Profit 501 C 3 and have been providing debt management services to consumers for over 23 years. FHS is licensed, bonded and ISO-BSI accredited. All of our representatives are Certified Financial Counseling Professionals. We understand what you are going through and we also know what it takes to get you out of debt. We also educate you on how to stay out of debt. We will work with you to face this challenge head-on. At FHS, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

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Debt Management Services not provided in the following states: NY, MD, SC, CO, KS, RI, VT

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